Unsecured Corporate Loan!

Are you tired of having to wait up to several weeks for a business loan decision?

Did you know that the Gandalf Business Corporate Loan Service will make a loan decision in about 5 minutes?

Gandalf Business is a new and fast corporate loan online.

From there you can make a loan decision in 5 minutes and a corporate loan to your account for up to a day!

When your business needs immediate instantaneous additional funding, you can turn to the Gandalf Business Corporate Loan Service .

You can apply for a corporate loan of between EUR 2000 and EUR 100,000 and pay for it between 6 and 12 months.

Forget the time-consuming paper war with the banks and ask for a free loan offer from Gandalf Business today!

You could get a loan for your business account in 24 hours!

Important information in brief:

  • Companies that have been operating for at least 2 years can apply for a corporate loan.
  • You can apply for a corporate loan of between EUR 2000 and 100,000.
  • You will receive a payment period of 6 to 12 months.
  • Get your loan decision in about 5 minutes!
  • You will receive the money the next day!
  • No merciless warfare!
  • No weeks waiting!
  • Ask for a free loan offer and see how affordable your loan could be for your business.
  • You can fill out the loan application online 24/7.
  • There is a simple and clear pricing in the Christian Loan.
  • Quick help for your business’s temporary cash needs!

Who can get a loan from Gandalf Business?

All companies can apply for a Gandalf Business Loan once the following conditions are met:

  • The company must have been in business for at least 2 years.
  • The company’s turnover must be at least EUR 75,000.
  • The company’s management should operate in Finland.
  • Business owners must live permanently in Finland.
  • The company must have a Finnish bank account.
  • The company must have a physical office in Finland.

How much can I apply for a corporate loan?

You can apply for a corporate loan of EUR 2000-100,000.

You can choose the loan amount according to your needs.

Because a Corporate Loan Need to Pay Back?

Gandalf Business The maturity of the corporate loan is 6 to 12 months.

What information should I submit to my loan application?

Getting a corporate loan from Gandalf Business is quick and easy.

You will be asked for the following information:

  • ID number.
  • Your social security number.
  • A picture taken from your mobile device about you and your passport / ID card.

Easy and fast or what?

No wonder filling in a loan application takes no more than 5 minutes!

How quickly do I get a loan decision?

Usually a business loan decision has to wait days, if not even weeks…

Here, too, Gandalf Business is a nice exception, because you get a loan decision in a matter of minutes!

I need a loan for the company right away, how fast can I get a loan for my account?

Usually, getting a loan takes one day, so usually the money gets on the next business day.

If you’ve been on the go right after the service, it may well be possible to get a loan even on the same day.

Do I need collateral for a corporate loan?

Gandalf Business does not require any collateral, such as real estate or other immovable property.

However, the borrower must act as the guarantor of the loan.

My interest woke up, Can I request a free loan offer?

Yes you can!

If you would like to know more about the Gandalf Business Loan, you can ask your company for a free loan offer right away.

You will quickly get a loan offer directly to your email.

Asking for a loan does not bind you or your business anywhere!

Can a corporate loan be repaid earlier than agreed?

Yes you can.

If you wish, you can also pay the loan in full or in part with a shorter agreed payment period.

Early payment of the loan does not incur any additional costs.

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