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The purchase of new machinery is very expensive for most companies, which is why there is often no way around taking up payday loans. However, the banks are not always easy to convince, sometimes a lot of time can pass until a financing commitment is made. Incidentally, many companies struggle with rejections or poor conditions.

Fortunately, thanks to the internet, there are new ways to get machine payday loans at a low interest rate . Below we show why providers is a great way to break new ground in corporate finance.

Find payday loan for machines online

Entrepreneurs are often skeptical when they get payday loan financing via the Internet. However, the possibilities must not be ignored. The already mentioned financial service provider providers has specialized in corporate finance and has helped many a company to finance the acquisition of new machines.

Stumbling blocks on machine payday loan

Although machines often have a high countervalue, banks are not always ready to lend. Here is an overview of the most common problems that arise when taking out corporate payday loans.

  • Collateral : Without security, there is no payday loan. Unfortunately, a machine can not always serve as immediate security, as recovery can be difficult for the bank. Haircuts of up to 50 percent are not uncommon. This gap then needs to be closed by depositing other collateral.
  • Company size and lending volume : Banks would like to grant large payday loans. When small businesses ask for machine payday loans that are at most in the middle five-digit range, many banks have no serious interest in lending.


A German financial services provider wants to help companies to get more easily on payday loans. The provider is called providers and specializes in bringing together companies and potential investors.

The concept of providers is simple and extremely effective . It foresees that companies give up a payday loan application, which is advertised on the platform. Investors then have the opportunity to participate in the financing. Ultimately, it’s about convincing a sufficient number of investors.

Of course, settlement is via a standard payday loan for machinery, meaning investors are not automatically involved in the business, instead they merely pool their capital to make the payday loan possible. The actual payday loan processing, which includes payment and the later collection of installments, will again be taken over by providers.

Easier to payday loan for machines

Attractive are financings on providers mainly because of their simplicity . There are no long and complicated conversations with the house bank. Instead, you just have to make a solid payday loan application that explains who needs the payday loan and what it should be for.

Especially for smaller companies and limited liability companies , this concept is well received, providers has already made quite a few financings possible. If you want to convince yourself, you can read in the blog of the financial services provider, which financings were already successfully managed.

Note on payday loan search

By the way: providers does not only make financing for the purchase of machines possible, also completely different resources can be financed in this way. Ultimately, it’s all about one thing: Companies must present themselves decently and appear attractive to investors . Especially when it comes to making an investment with the payday loan, which means additional growth for the company, the payday loan usually comes quickly.

Request a payday loan now

From week to week, the number of companies using providers to finance their growth plans and, for example, taking up machine payday loans is increasing. Entrepreneurs and CEOs who want to learn more should not hesitate any longer, but should be more specific about the matter and simply submit a payday loan application. They provide valuable support, so that the next corporate financing is within reach. Try it out and apply now for a corporate payday loan from providers.